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المركز الاول لزراعة الشعر

Free preview of the phone before coming to Turkey, please contact the coordinators first Hare to provide you with the strongest offers hair transplant in Turkey and at the lowest cost possible hair transplant can get them

زراعة الشعر تركيا

Allocated to all of our guests a private car and also accompanied by an interpreter and so after you receive them from the airport

Until the end of the process

زراعة الشعر

We are serving in hospitals equipped with fully and within a sterile environment and convenient

Hair transplant in Turkey

زراعة الشعر للرجال

Therapeutic bag containing drugs and a special shampoo and lotion, which is sufficient after hair transplant

تكلفة زراعة الشعر

Hair transplants for men


Hair transplants for women


Growing the beard


Planting eyebrow

زراعة الحواجب


Based on medical ethical principles based on the foundations of care to provide medical service level of satisfaction of the doctor by the patient, through physical reasonable profit base, and through to the satisfaction of the patient and deliver quality services in several areas, hair transplant, he founded the first Hare center for hair transplant in Turkey combines both tower will .


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أسئلة عن زراعة الشعر

First place for growing hair

  • Hair loss in men, several factors hair loss in men and in particular stress factor and the genes and also hormonal imbalance and in some cases increase the production of androgens affect. But the main reason in the case of hair loss in women are anemia and thyroid imbalance and hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiency, pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives ….

Transplanted hair from the rest of the hair is no different at all. Putting it off as you can and want to do Pettmhath and the use of layoffs that you desire …

The treatment of any person is not suffering from any disorders or tumors or an incurable disease. And must inform the doctor concerned in the case and the presence of any disease or sensitivity of the addition is not a preferred process for people who have an adequate quantity of hair is not available at the back of the head …

It is local anesthesia process before the process of hair transplant. And the patient does not feel pain during the process of hair transplantation or later, especially the style of process technology FUE very comfortable and do not require a long time for treatment …

If you were doing in the works require the discomfort and fatigue of the body, you rest for several days. And because it is not practical to strain your body and do not make you tired so you can return to your normal the next day …

Usually transplanted hair fall out in the first month. Then begins the new appearance of hair at the end of 10 weeks. Complete
The integration of the upper and front parts in 6 months and the peak area scruff may take up to 8 months, and sometimes up to 11 years 

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First place for growing hair

We are in service throughout the day

Hair transplant with the latest roads

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